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Can you name the words that have had two letters changed in them from purple?

Quiz Updated Jul 24, 2014

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Get out of prison earlyP _ R _ L E
Make unkempt_ U _ P L E
Get clumpy, like spoiled milk_ U R _ L E
Make noise, like a brook or stream_ U R _ L E
Adenine or guanine, e.g.P U R _ _ E
A shelled animal_ U R _ L E
Follow someoneP U R _ _ E
Totally or exclusivelyP U R _ L _
A crossbreed that's half beagleP U _ _ L E
Steal from a house_ U R _ L E
A pool of water after rainP U _ _ L E
Limber or pliant_ U _ P L E
Make noise, like a Jabberwock_ U R _ L E
Humans, in generalP _ _ P L E
Throw yourself toward something_ U R _ L E
A bit of acneP _ _ P L E
A riddle or enigmaP U _ _ L E
Object to jump over on a track_ U R _ L E

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