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Can you name the words that end in the letter 'U' and start with A through Z?

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Letter__U WordClue (Length)
AFarewell (5)
BA marshy slow body of water (5)
CWales, in Welsh (5)
DFrench actor Gérard of 'Cyrano de Bergerac' (9)
EThe color of undyed linen (4)
FA winter ailment (3)
GA Hindu spiritual guide (4)
HA 17 syllable poem (5)
ISpur of the moment; extemporaneous (9)
JThe capital of Alaska (6)
KVine used for erosion control in the US (5)
LActor Martin of 'Ed Wood' (6)
MA loose fitting Hawaiian dress (6)
Letter__U WordClue (Length)
NThe capital of the Bahamas (6)
OIsland home to Honolulu (4)
PGen. 1 electric mouse-like Pokémon (7)
QA Peruvian knot-based counting tool (5)
RAn Italian meat based sauce or a sauce brand (4)
SA military error or happening caused by it (5)
TSoybean based food product (4)
UThe language of Pakistan (4)
VCountry of Oceania (7)
WFrench Rococo painter Antoine (7)
XColeridge's utopia; Olivia Newton-John song (6)
YSecond person pronoun (3)
ZA Bantu language of Africa (4)

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