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Can you name the chemical element from clues to the smaller pieces that create the element?

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Clues for the PiecesThe Element
Automobile + Duran Duran's Simon Le ___
Keanu in 'The Matrix' + Opposite of S on a map
Subjective 1st person pronoun + Weasley that is Harry's year
Jason's mythological ship + The opposite of Y
Corn kernel holder + Keyboard key
A policeman + Each
1969 French political thriller + American version of Ltd.
Fellow guy friend + Place to extract coal
A bum, in the UK + Actor Cage, for short
Note before do + PV = ___RT (The Ideal Gas Law)
Against + When doubled, a Tommy James song
Moon of Jupiter + Have supper
Famous Jackson or Diddley + Presidential candidate Paul
Relay a story + Mentalist Geller + Interjection of hesitation
Slang for $1000 + Antiquated
Répondez ___ vous plaît + A small image for a computer program
French for 'too bad:' ___ pis + A grad of a college
A louse larva + Actor Seth of 'Superbad'
Tree that gives a varnish oil + British WWII gun
French masculine article + A spot on TV
Nora's dog in 'The Thin Man' + Stabby part of a fork
Nora's husband in 'The Thin Man' + Chicago train
Egyptian sun god + Actor Ameche or singer Henley
Yes, in Spanish + 55 in Rome + Emmy-winning Clooney vehicle
Vietnamese noodles + Abbr. of Madrid's home + Falcon-headed god
Japanese comics + Opposite of SW + Opposite of NW

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