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Can you name the words that are made entirely out of the letters in the word PELICAN (without repeating) from clues and the length?

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Lowest or highest card in a suit3
Teenage skin problem4
Actor Baldwin of '30 Rock'4
Girl lost in Wonderland5
One from another planet5
Like some European mountains6
Like an old woman5
Actor Michael of 'Alfie'5
Key part of Superman's suit4
Make noise with hands4
Neaten or tidy up5
Cotton gin inventor Whitney3
One of the earliest computers5
Frozen water3
Peruvian native4
A weapon to joust with5
Thing you lose when you stand3
Lacking fat4
Hair pests4
y = mx + b4
Chapstick locale3
The back of the neck4
A type of tide4
One from Kathmandu6
River in Egypt4
American revolutionary Thomas5
Sarah who ran for Vice President5
A group of expert speakers5
Fear or overpowering fright5
A pyramidal branched flower cluster7
Ring, like a bell4
A tree nut for baking5
Of or relating to prisons5
Writing utensil with graphite6
Gland that secretes melatonin6
An edible flounder or flatfish6
Lacking detail5
Three non-collinear points determine this5
A ballet knee bend4

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