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Random Language or Begins and Ends Quiz

Can you name the words or phrases that become new words when you remove the EE at the end?

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EE-ending ThingAnswersShorter Thing
One learning the job on the jobA locomotive
Setting for 'Parks and Rec'The weakest piece in chess
'Zoo Story' playwright EdwardA priestly vestment
Former White House Press Secretary Myers (2 words)Document of ownership
Tribe led by TecumsehThe young Spencer on 'Psych'
A confused struggle or fightAlice's boss at the diner
One who is getting extra academic helpFamed Egyptian boy-king
A wall or embankment to stop floodingCurrency of Bulgaria
ALer from New YorkPull hard on a rope
Candy of butter and sugarA dandy or fop
To anticipate or predictWords cried by golfers
An early showing of a movieMorning, in French
Frozen carbonated beverage makerAbbreviated term for a microchip
Cushion of flatulenceA shout from Arsenio's audience
Chin-based facial hairCapricorn's animal
Mann of 'Til TuesdayPrepare to fire a gun
Gershwin song made famous by Al JolsonAn ugly duckling, some day

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