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Can you name the 6-letter words that if you remove their first letter P become a 5-letter word?

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6-Letter P Word ClueAnswer5-Letter Word Clue
Courteous wordRental agreement
Deliver a sermonArrive at
Attack, like a tigerEighth of a cup
Lectern relativeExtreme hatred
A clergymanFiery crime
Like St. Peter's gatesFirst thing in the morning
Spirited or braveFortunate
Drive the Dursleys live onGirder-holding bolt
Dive into a poolJab towards
A hip bone'Jailhouse Rock' singer
Lift up, with laudative wordsLift up physically
Commotion or turmoilNot this one
Emotion of connected pityOne of the 3 Musketeers
6-Letter P Word ClueAnswer5-Letter Word Clue
Fit or accurateOne with a lasso
User of clay and a wheelPlayful sea mammal
A shorebirdRomeo vis-à-vis Juliet
One who offers illict drugsSinger of 'OMG' and 'Yeah!'
BotherFragrant organic compound
An unfortunate situationSolar emission
Golfer's need on the greenSpeak
AcnedSuggest or infer
A canoe propellerThrow into confusion
A or G, in DNABladder emission
76er or Yankee, e.g.Tier
Roller on a typewriterTurn into evening
French author MarcelWake from bed

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