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Can you name the celebrities who appear as hungry alter egos in the Snickers commercials?

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CommercialCelebrityCelebrity's Lines
Super Bowl'Aw, c'mon man you've been riding me all day.' - 'That's not what your girlfriend says.'
Super Bowl'That hurt!'
Road Trip'Can we turn the AC up? I'm dyin' back here.' - [Smacks guy in the head] 'Can you feel that?'
Road Trip'Will you get your knees out of the back of my seat?'
Logging'You know.. I'm just not feeling the woodcutting thing today. Ah, I don't know.' - 'What is the rush here? Is there like a world-wide shortage of gazebos?'
Logging'HEY! My back hurts.' - 'Now my front hurts.'
Party'What are you looking at? We're not good enough for you? You're lookin' for somethin' else?' - 'What are you big supermodels? Excuse us! Supermodels. What do you model gloves?' - 'What are you doing? That girl's totally into me.'
Party'So... losers...'
Coach'I’ll tell you what we do [In a John Wayne voice]. I want you to go onto the field and look for anything with an O. Let’s kill them with kindness! Jimmy I want you to make balloon animals. Tyler make little tea cozies, something fun' - 'Hahaha! We will win this for Mother Russia!'
Coach'Aaaah.... Go get 'em, guys! Haaa.'
Cards[Plays doleful saxophone music]

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