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Name these words and phrases that start with M and end in AY.

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ClueM___AY Thing
End of May celebration honoring fallen US military servicepeople (2 words)
Atoll where a decisive 1942 WWII battle took place
The galaxy we live in (2 words)
The beginning of the work week
Large port city in northern Jamaica (2 words)
A family of marine eels
A powerful sorceress from Arthurian legend (3 words)
American Modernist artist born Emmanuel Radnitzky (2 words)
A classic French b├ęchamel sauce with added cheese
The Autobahn is an example of this high-speed traffic route
Actor Bill who starred in 'Groundhog Day'
It's 72 hours before Easter (2 words)
A chief support or long-time component
Actor Culkin of 'Home Alone'
Originally from Robinson Crusoe, a term for a loyal assistant (2 words)
Second largest city in Myanmar
A flat fish with large wing-like dorsal fins (2 words)
Language spoken in Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore
Puritan colony formed in 1628 in the New World (2 words)
US civil rights commemoration annually around January 15th (5 words)

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