History Quiz / Word Ladder: A Very Full Clown Car

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder containing all 4-letter names of candidates for the 2016 US Presidential election?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• Democratic candidate Jim •1
Former Jets and Colts coach Ewbank2
An unwanted garden plant3
Proceed on one's way4
Turn from straight to angular5
A musical group6
The side of a river7
Lay out to get a tan8
To play music in public for money9
• Republican candidate Jeb •10
Limbaugh with a radio show11
Oxidized iron12
The smallest in the liter13
A loud vehement talk14
• Republican candidate [With Rung 19] •15
Grains on a beach16
Family name of rulers in Riyadh17
Other name for one of the Apostles18
• Republican candidate [With Rung 15] •19
Beach partner to a shovel20
Do not succeed21
___ accompli22
Actors in a movie24
A horse-drawn vehicle25
Actor Bud of 'Harold and Maude'26
Vegetable that comes in ears27
Famed Sen. McCarthy lawyer Roy28
Clue4-Letter Word
• Possible Republican candidate Kasich •29
Become a member30
Member of an ancient Indian religion31
Guider for a horse33
Harry who is the Senate Minority leader34
Need for an oboe35
Smell horridly36
Take a quick look37
Actor Gregory of 'Moby-Dick'38
Eruption from a skin disease39
Comedian Chris who started on SNL40
• Republican candidate Perry or Santorum •41
Grain thrown at weddings42
Household rodents43
• Republican candidate Huckabee •44
'Let's ___ a Deal'45
Like all the candidates in this quiz46
A relative of a milkshake47
What an ice cube does in the sun48
Indicator of karate level49
A deep red root veggie50
Easton Ellis the author51
Steep some tea52
Organized team rowing53
Street reputation54
• Republican candidate Ted •56

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