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Can you name the words that start with S & end A to Z, that become a new word when the S and final letter are removed?

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S+ ClueAnswerClue after Losing Head S and Tail
(S_A) Where the 300 are from in '300'A fraction of the whole
(S_B) An Egyptian beetleIrene who sang 'Fame' and 'Flashdance' themes
(S_C) Unmoving, like electricityJacques who directed 'Mon Oncle'
(S_D) A long rantNative tribe in Canada
(S_E) Put a sword back in its scabbardLedger who played the Joker
(S_F) A light humorous parodySlang for excrement
(S_G) In painShort or Steve, from 'Three Amigos'
(S_H) Having an even surfaceNo longer arguable, like a point
(S_I) African animal tourOff in the distance
(S_K) Hillary from 'Boys Don't Cry'Pale in complexion
(S_L) Ruby is this type of mineralAn evergreen
(S_M) Hebrew greetingAngel's headgear
(S_N) A prostitutePartner of the former
(S_O) A skimpy male bathing suitUrinated
(S_P) Meryl from 'Adaptation'Beech or oak, e.g.
(S_R) Jesse from 'House, MD'Fractions of a pound
(S_S) Like a bee that cannot 'bite'Has a thrilling sensation
(S_T) Magical dexterity: ___ of handVivien who played Scarlett O'Hara
(S_U) 'True' band: ___ BalletA black-and-white Chinese animal
(S_V) A rudimentary prison knifeAbbr. for Honolulu's state
(S_W) Not deepA German greeting
(S_X) Native American from the DakotasA note indicating money to pay back
(S_Y) LXXA scheduled happening
(S_Z) Mark who won 7 swimming gold medalsSeed inside a peach

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