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From clues and their lengths, find each of these words that contain the letters EVE consecutively in them.

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ClueEVE Word#
A slant at the edge of a surface5
A happening5
Raised temperature5
An embankment to avoid flooding5
Experience rating for an RPG5
A prying tool5
At no time5
A feudal officer5
A colander relative5
Ingenious or cunning6
B in hexadecimal6
Author Waugh6
Mourn for6
Without dairy or meat6
Display or disclose6
River in England and Wales6
A shirt has two of this6
Director Spielberg6
ClueEVE Word#
Not flat6
Give credence to7
Prepare film for printing7
Tallest mountain7
Premier League team in Liverpool7
Capital of Assyria7
Hinder or stop from happening7
Lighten or allay7
Extreme partying7
A dish best served cold?7
Money earned7
Go in the other direction7
Retirement age, often7
A drink8
Make into a mess8
Relative of a father or priest8
King Arthur's wife9
A dog breed, often from Labrador9

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