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Can you name the words that can be made form combinations of the notes of the scale (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO(L), LA, and TI)?

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ClueWord from Notes
Give the décor a new look
Become exhausted
South Texas city on the Rio Grande
Extinct bird from Mauritius
Not feeling good nor bad (Hyphenated)
Heroine of 'La Bohème' or 'Rent'
Scottish Terrier owned by FDR
Money for a cab ride
A bog or marsh
ClueWord from Notes
Famed Hungarian conductor Sir Georg
Actress Kunis of 'Black Swan'
Having an achy pain
Relative of a couch
Famed French engraver Gustave
A Japanese soup of fermented soy
A land of dreams detached from reality (Hyphenated)
Conclude one's professional career
Currencies from Riga

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