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Can you name the words that start with a 3-letter abbreviation for a weekday that become a new word when its removed?

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You can type either the longer or the shorter word for credit. Unfortunately, there are no TUE words with this property.
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Day-Starting Word ClueWordDay-less Word Clue
King or queen, e.g.A rounded doorway
Kingdom of prokaryotesA period of time
RichLooked at with your orbs
Rikki Tikki Tavi animalChristmas dinner bird
SimianLock opener
New Jersey Revolutionary War battleOral is its adjective form
Basic unit of a plasticAncient Hebrew unit for dry measure
5th US PresidentCaviar
Heavy rainfall in AsiaAny second
Event ending in a marriageDamage to a car door
In this mannerCunning, like a fox
A close acquaintanceThe last part
Warship smaller than a destroyerA door in a fence
Playful or livelyLocation for clouds
The process of curling hairConfident or reliable
A shiny cotton fabricThe night, poetically
Literature that uses wit to expose follyAnger or wrath
Governor of ancient PersiaModern music genre or a knock
Gas giant planetContainer for ashes
Miscellaneous or variedNot wet
Underwater, like an old shipBarbie's fomer doll mate

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