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Can you name the words in these silly two-word phrases that are anagrams of MOTHER'S DAY from clues?

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Love the olden tales of epic gods
Load, rowed, bode, and sewed, e.g.
Supreme skill of using a brick carrier
Annihilate a pig product
Residential buildings that are late
A resistance unit veered off the path
Damaged playthings
Heavy books about multiheaded monsters
Ways of drawing a beam from a sun
Struck Bane portrayer Tom sharply
What the Greeks did to Ilium with the horse
Country singer Axton's sleep fantasies
An inferior or indecent hemispherical roof
Bar projectiles thrown by an urban youth
A dimunitive knighted woman
Navy played an away game against their rivals
Streets that take you to where an herb in 'Scarborough Fair' grows
An impetuous X-Men member who can control weather
A newbie who has never had pulverized potatoes at Thanksgiving
An urban subway filled with unscrupulous characters
A shout-out to the fame that comes with being a celebrity

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