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Can you name the things that end in the letters 'PI' from clues?

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ClueWord ending in 'PI'
Bones of the wrist
A statistic of goods and services purchased by households
A measure of color printing density
Parts of the brain involving memory storage
Native American tribe of northeastern Arizona
A military brimmed cap
Robert Browning poem: Fra Lippo ___
A US state or river
8-legged sea creatures
ClueWord ending in 'PI'
A giraffe relative with a long tongue
City in Macedonia established by Alexander the Great's father
Miss Longstocking of literature
Duck-billed mammals of Australia
A garlic-based shrimp dish
A conical tent of the plains native Americans
Actress Hedren of 'The Birds'
Former AP rival in the news world
Actress Goldberg with an EGOT

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