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Can you name the the people that are missing from these words or phrases?

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NOR__L   ___TRIBUTI__What a bell curve represents
C_L_   ME   ___M_ELMelville novel opener
EU___IS___Mickey's French locale
F_S_ION__LE   MAT_RIA_Uranium-235, e.g.
_UTO__O_R_PH_CA_Like Clinton's 'My Life'
A_ER__AN   C__M__EONColor-changing pet
_   MO___   _F   SU_DA_SAn indefinitely long period
_E_VE_   O_   E_RT_Delightful
C__T   T_E   EVI_   __EDeliver bad luck by looking
A__NT   __AN__Vietnam defoliant
LOU__I_N_   PUR_HASE1803 land deal
U_C_PI___Z_DLike bell hooks' name
HA_LEM   GL___T_OT_ERMeadowlark Lemon, for one
RO_K-_ND-__L_   S__G_RElvis, e.g.
_E_CH   ___B_A fruity dessert
_EC__PRESS_O_   S__KNESS'The bends'
__TROPO_IT___Z_Make into a city
ITA_I__   I__Frozen dessert
_ING   JAM_S   _ERS_O_Common Bible edition
__EEL____R_People with no bosses
LUXE_B_U__I__Relating to a grand duchy
BUC_M_NST_R_ULL__ENESoccerball-like molecule
___IJUANA   CI____T_EJoint
MEXI_AN   __I___S_Bald dog breed
_LUE   _____   MOUN_AINSPart of the Appalachians
_RE_K   YOU_   B___Put a lot of effort into
T__SA_C___I_EA three component sugar
P_SSE___R   P__NE747 or DC9, e.g.
_OUT_   C___LI_AClemson's home
UNDERG__U_D   R_I_ROA_Tubman conducted 'on' this
___AD   A__   W_TERMinimal sustenance
L_T   _O_N   YOUR   GU___Lower your shield
_EF__SE   MECHA___MPorcupine quills, e.g.
SATUR__Y   __GHT  SP_CIA_Cheap handgun
MA_E   YO_R   ___KLeave an impression
LI__TENANT   ____RALThree-starred army officer
____-MANNE___Clark Kent descriptor
S___N   DEAD__   SI_SGluttony, et al.
QU___ER-_O__Fifteen minutes

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