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Can you name the following words and names that begin with 'MAR'?

Quiz Updated Mar 8, 2012

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Family in 'Little Women'
A large preserved cherry
Drink often with a salted rim
Thurgood, Penny, or Garry, e.g.
A sauce to tenderize meats
Instrument made from a gourd
Mrs. George Washington
Comedienne Cho
Pirate or maker of a map in Harry Potter
The basis of Leninism
DC Comics competitor
Confection made from almond paste
A gin & vermouth cocktail
Kangaroo or opossum, e.g.
The process of selling products
S'more ingredient
One of the original 13 states
The edge of a printed page
Blonde bombshell Monroe
3-time Cy Young winner Pedro
Flower usually of yellow and orange
A large sportfish
Scrooge's partner
26.2 mile race
Metamorphic limestone
A dark red
Butter substitute
A Seattle baseballer
This is inside the femur
Tennis' Hingis or Navratilova

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