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Can you name things that all contain the letters of LOVE or HATE inside them in order?

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A zipperless sweater that must be put on via the head_ _ _ L O V E _
Astronaut who was played by Tom Hanks in 'Apollo 13'_ _ _     L O V E _ _
Home to Ljubljana, Maribor, and Drava_ L O V E _ _ _
J.J. Abrams 2008 sci-fi monster film_ L O V E _ _ _ _ _ _
Shorebird related to the sandpiper_ L O V E _
Split in two, like a hoof on an animal or demon_ L O V E _
Surname of actors Danny, Donald, and John_ L O V E _
The snapdragon family plant that gives us digitalis_ _ _ _ L O V E
Untidy in personal appearance or lazily slipshod_ L O V E _ _ _
A large mansion or house on a vineyard_ H A T E _ _
Often southern self-service laundry establishment_ _ _ H A T E _ _ _
A soft cheese very similar to cream cheese_ _ _ _ _ H A T E _
Faithful companion of Aeneas according to Virgil_ _ H A T E _
Interjection said by someone who doesn't care_ H A T E _ _ _
Original birth name of Egypt's King Tut_ _ _ _ _ _ H A T E _
The dominion of a spiritual head of Islam_ _ _ _ _ H A T E
Chemistry principle relating to disturbed equilibria_ _     _ H A T E _ _ _ _
What the last letter stands for in ATP (to a biologist)_ _ _ _ _ H A T E

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