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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder (volume 3)?

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Clue4-Letter Word
[Rung 1] [Rung 8] [Rung 22]: Stereotypical wholesome neighboring young woman1
Fish breathing organ2
Paper money storage part of a cash register3
A fault on a pinball machine4
A hue or color level5
Overnight camping need6
A message sent from a phone7
[Rung 1] [Rung 8] [Rung 22]: Stereotypical wholesome neighboring young woman8
Home for a bird9
Part of a 3-piece suit10
Get all of your emotions out by talking11
To sell12
Darn a sock or repair a relationship13
Samoa-studying anthropologist Margaret14
Element whose symbol is Pb15
A unit of laundry16
Of a high volume17
A brutish oafish man18
To promote or talk something up19
A guided visit20
Gloomy and sullen21
[Rung 1] [Rung 8] [Rung 22]: Stereotypical wholesome neighboring young woman22

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