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Can you name the possible works of literature by these authors that start with the letter Q or U?

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Note: Q and U are combined together. The authors are labeled if they have a Q novel, a U novel or both to choose from.
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Author'Q' or 'U' Book
Harriet Beecher Stowe (U)
Neal Stephenson (Q)
Anton Chekhov (U)
James Joyce (U)
Kazuo Ishiguro (U)
Booker T. Washington (U)
Dylan Thomas (U)
Henryk Sienkiewicz (Q)
Iris Murdoch (U)
Ralph Nader (U)
Malcolm Lowry (U)
Author'Q' or 'U' Book
Don DeLillo (U)
William S. Burroughs (Q)
J.K. Rowling (Q)
Graham Greene (Q)
Stephen King (U)
Louis L'Amour (QU)
Milan Kundera (U)
Sue Grafton (QU)
Anne Rice (Q)
Phillip K. Dick (U)
Thomas More (U)

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