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Can you name the possible works of literature by these authors that start with the letter P?

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Author'P' Book
Vladimir Nabokov
Philip Roth
C.S. Lewis
Pat Conroy
Henry Miller
Gaston Leroux
James Fenimore Cooper
Astrid Lindgren
Charles Dickens
Noël Coward
August Wilson
Tom Clancy
Norton Juster
Henry James
Barbara Kingsolver
John Steinbeck
Albert Camus
John Grisham
Oscar Wilde
E.M. Forster
Author'P' Book
John Bunyan
Henrik Ibsen
J.M. Barrie
Stephen King
John Irving
George Bernard Shaw
William Shakespeare
James Joyce
Chris Van Allsburg
Carrie Fisher
John Milton
Mark Twain
Samuel Richardson
Ken Follett
William Goldman
J.M. Synge
Muriel Spark
Kurt Vonnegut
Jane Austen

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