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Can you name the possible works of literature by these authors that start with the letter C?

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Author'C' Book
Jack London
Alan Paton
Jean Auel
Alexandre Dumas
Arthur Miller
Stephen King
Ian Fleming
Geoffrey Chaucer
Cormac McCarthy
John Kennedy Toole
Kurt Vonnegut
Jonathan Franzen
Thomas Paine
Edmond Rostand
William Shakespeare
Author'C' Book
John Steinbeck
Tennessee Williams
John Grisham
Bertolt Brecht
Anton Chekhov
J.D. Salinger
Charles Dickens
Joseph Heller
Thomas Pynchon
E.B. White
Neil Gaiman
Charles Frazier
Mark Twain
Rudyard Kipling
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Anthony Burgess

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