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Can you name the words that can have PA added to their left to make another word?

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PA + CluePA WordClue for PA-word
PA + A frilly fabricWhere a king lives
PA + Ruby colorTook the skin off an apple
PA + Employ towards a goalTake a break
PA + BuddyRelating to the Holy See
PA + A tall support columnRelating to a skin protuberance
PA + What a bee can doPutting things in a scrapbook
PA + Treat accompanierPatriot Henry or actor Dempsey
PA + Put a body in a tombMichelangelo or Leonardo, e.g.
PA + NY Knicks player JeremyMichael of 'Monty Python'
PA + A pig's homeHaving a white complexion
PA + Cut yourself shavingFilled with acute anxiety or terror
PA + Money paid to landlordFather, e.g.
PA + Singer TurnerChemical toning on a metallic surface
PA + Actress Holly RobinsonCapital of Tahiti
PA + A jouster's weaponActor Jack of 'City Slickers'
PA + Dog's footA type of fruit
PA + Famous scatter FitzgeraldA Spanish seafood dish
PA + A part in a movieA period of time after prison
PA + Brother Ron or Ernie who sang 'Shout'A pattern of curved abstact figures
PA + Disney Sci-Fi thrillerA Mexican brand of tequila
PA + A long period of timeA metrical foot of 4 syllables
PA + Arriving after timeThe roof of the mouth
PA + A camping shelterA document to secure exclusive rights
PA + A rooster-shaped wind gaugeA 16th century European dance

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