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Can you name the words that end in -ISH from 'fake' clues for the words with an adjective ending?

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Fake -ish Ending ClueWord(s)Real -ish Clue
Like the first person form of 'to be'An American Mennonite, around Pennsylvania
Like a thick support girder in a ceilingFull of optimism
Like something with no flavorTo coax with flattery
Like Nike or Nestlé, e.g.Swing a weapon
Like Sonny's singing partnerTo hold dear
Like a vegetable that comes in earsA type of game hen
Like the 'Savage Love' columnistA cheese or fruit filled pastry
Like a shark's protuberanceTo complete
Like a powdery baking needThrive or prosper
Like a needlefishGaudy or flashy
Like a mixture of meat and potatoesA concentrated form of pot
Like the Spanish verb 'to go'Like someone from Dublin
Like a muscle of the lower backSomewhat not on time
Like a short word for a bathroomExtravagant and elegant
Like a boggy areaLike the conquerers of Spain
Like the average shots on a golf holeThe area covered by a specific church
Like a word used in speedsTo die
Like a senator or congressmanTo give a surface a shine
Like groan-producing wordplayTo impose a penalty on
Like something cool, in the 1980'sA reddish root vegetable
Like an abbr. for a sister or uncleCondiment for a hot dog
Like directors Ridley or TonyLike one from Glasgow
Like a bridge across the riverLike someone from Madrid
Like a holder for your sheet musicMayflower Pilgrim Miles
Like a mountain lakeOxidize and become dingy, like a surface
Like Donald Faison's character on 'Scrubs'Language spoken in Istanbul
Like a high occupancy vehicleTo disappear
Like the smallest imaginable partFree of color

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