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Can you name the things that end in the letters 'TO' and start with the letters A through Z?

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Clue*TO Word
An almond flavored liqueurA
Flour tortilla wrapped around a fillingB
One of Jupiter's Galilean moonsC
Same as above; a duplicating PokémonD
Zamenhof's artificial languageE
An artificially high voiceF
Enthusiastic or vigorous enjoymentG
20th century emperor of JapanH
With one's identity concealedI
April 21, 1836's Battle of San ___J
A person who can't help stealing, for shortK
The text of a work of musical theaterL
A blood-sucking insectM
Clue*TO Word
Manga series about a young ninjaN
The bus driver on The SimpsonsO
Type of tree South Carolina is known forP
The capital of EcuadorQ
Verdi opera with Gilda and the Duke of MantuaR
A major Japanese religionS
The capital of OntarioT
First name of 2 Italian kings and author EcoU
Nix a piece of legislationV
Junk dealer who owned Anakin SkywalkerW
A brand of cutting utility knives (hyph)X
Prefixing meaning one-septillionthY
Former California pitcher BarryZ

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