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Can you name the 5-letter word that can be made from a state abbreviation and a smaller word?

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State + Small word clueWordDefinition
Alabama + Asphalt componentWedding vow site
Alaska + Anchorman BurgundyOhio city
Arizona + P.I., for shortMexican native
Arkansas + Column's partner
California + Laboratory animalGem weight unit
Colorado + Bikini halfType of snake
Delaware + Poetic beforeTractor-maker John
Florida + Plural possessiveBaking need
Georgia + Craggy hillFlorida athlete
Hawaii + Male sheepDistiller Walker
Illinois + DC airport codeGreek epic
Indiana + HadCast metal block
Kentucky + Oklahoma tribeJapanese city
Louisiana + Cowboy RitterGlove material
Maine + What's up, ___?A red wine
State + Small word clueWordDefinition
Massachusetts + Rapping Dr.Spanish mother
Michigan + French friendFlorida city
Missouri + Fish catcherFrench painter
Nebraska + Tarzan's RonCam of the NHL
New York + Actor ChaneyStocking fabric
Ohio + Southern constellationTara's Scarlett
Oregon + Director LeeSumatran ape
Pennsylvania + Spanish unclePaved courtyard
Rhode Island + Male childAndre of the NFL
South Carolina + Na+Descendant
Utah + That girlMr. Pendragon
Virginia + Not too brightDirector Roger
Washington + Disgust expresserWriter Evelyn
Wisconsin + James Bond, e.g.Like fine hair
Wyoming + PrevaricationAdam of 'Picket Fences'

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