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Can you name the 4-letter words that start with E and have a different second letter?

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2nd letter4-Letter E-WordClue
AA British peer
BLongest river only in Spain
CA reverberating sound
DA wax covered Dutch cheese
EArchitect Saarinen
FA people of Southeastern Nigeria*
GA mild oath
HIsraeli Prime Minister Barak
IIreland, to the Irish
2nd letter4-Letter E-WordClue
JRope fiber obtained from gomuti*
KA one-horse carriage used in India*
LIsland Napoleon was exiled to
MAn American TV award
NOne of the 7 Deadly Sins
ORelating to the dawn*
PFencing weapon
QPrefix meaning same
ROne of the Great Lakes
2nd letter4-Letter E-WordClue
SPopular sports network
TEat into a surface with acid
UCurrency in France
WA large jug or pitcher
XRelative of a test
YCharlotte Brontë's Jane
ZBook of the Old Testament

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