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Can you name the words that start with HIS or HER that are clued in a punny way?

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Punny ClueHIS/HER wordReal Clue
A guy's overpowering frightLatino
A gal's finger diamond holderA fish often smoked or salted
A guy's set of 3 singersAn actor
A gal's taking of too many illegal pillsBiblical King of Judea
A gal's dent on a car doorGathering the cattle together
A gal's friend of ErnieUS President Hoover
A guy's musical sound or frame of mindA protein that binds to DNA to form nucleosomes
A gal's opposite of offA seabird
A gal's period of many, many yearsAt this spot
A guy's conservative Brit partyThe study of past human events
A gal's Greek counterpart to CupidBantu people of Namibia
A guy's session trilling musical piecesMaking a noise like a snake
A gal's favorite alkaline earth metalA collection of dried plant specimens
A gal's singer Springfield of 'Jessie's Girl'Poet Robert who wrote 'To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time'

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