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Can you figure out these made-up 2 and 3 word phrases from clues that are just the letters in SUPER BOWL rearranged in some way?

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ClueSUPER BOWL JumbleWords
Bows of boats that have been painted cerulean2
What oozes out of someone injured at the alley while trying to get a strike2
The feeling of your blood flow from the hair patch over your eye2
A piece of bone that juts out of your arm joint2
'Behold, dine on beer!'3
An agent who sells school children vehicles that are very close to the ground3
Oils up the computer from 'War Games'2
'Ouch, belches on the Chicago train system'3
Soup containers in Lima2
A picture puzzle involving a snow-removal vehicle2
Unadulterated breaths to put out candles2
Photographs of the second note in the scale that have been enlarged2
Actor Lowe killed the Pixar movie with lots of balloons3
The exchange (in the UK) of a Russian currency2
A bar that serves drinks less fast than other bars2
'Thus, a condition of fuzzy vision caused by sitting in a church seat'3
Female pig, you are a knitting stitch3
An incredibly good hooting bird2
You and I caress senators and representatives3
Choice between a spider's home and a + sign3

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