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Can you name the things that end with a three letter palindrome from a clue and its ending letter?

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ClueAnswerLast and 2nd to Last Letter
The largest desert in AfricaA
A broad-trunked tropical treeB
A syrup used to cause medical vomitingC
The capital of IraqD
The language spoken in TokyoE
The shorter spelling of a Jewish house of worshipG
A famed atoll or the swimsuit named for itI
The book of the Old Testament between Nahum and ZephaniahK
Like two lines that never interesectL
The smallest amount of somethingM
John of the BeatlesN
The Hunchback of Notre DameO
A lickable candy on a stickP
Famed German painter and printmaker AlbrechtR
The Egyptian goddess of nature and Osiris' queenS
A foursomeT
The capital of HawaiiU
Israel's 2nd most populous city (2 words)V
This child rapper turned adult rapper has dropped the Li'l from his name (2 words)W
Abbreviation for a woman who carries out the parts of a willX
The state of looking neither specifically male nor femaleY
Comic Ansari of 'Parks and Recreation'Z

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