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Can you name the things that start with a three letter palindrome from a clue and its starting letter?

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ClueAnswer1st and 3rd Letter
A Chinese counting toolA
The holy book of ChristianityB
A class of succulents that grow in desertsC
The MLB team in Los AngelesD
The tallest mountain on EarthE
L, to a RomanF
The first man in spaceG
Otto the German who discovered nuclear fissionH
The Greek name for ancient TroyI
A shrub that provides a wax for cosmeticsJ
Beach Boys song about an islandK
A sweet suckerL
The modern name of BombayM
The capital of ancient AssyriaN
An allotrope of oxygen with three atomsO
The type of flower opium is dervived fromP
Psychology test famed for blot analysisR
Japanese thinly sliced raw fishS
The Platonic solid with the fewest facesT
The fleshy lobe that dangles in the back of your throatU
Italian composer of the Four SeasonsV
600 convenience store chain in the Northeastern USW
Famed Chinese American Cellist (hyphenated)Y

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