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Can you name these 5-letter palindromes from clues?

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Clue5-Letter Palindrome
The second word in Ethiopia's capital city
Relating to an urban metro or a model of Honda
Faked out an opponent in ice hockey
A light canoe
The oldest university in Canada (found in Quebec City)
A tool to make sure things are parallel to the floor
A polite form for addressing a woman
Carlos who was president of Argentina from 1989-1999
A musical half note
TV Writer/Producer who helped create Angel, Buffy and Private Practice
A system for locating things with a wave transmitter
Clue5-Letter Palindrome
To give someone a suggestion, like as a doctor to go visit
A spinning portion of a machine
Monica the former tennis star known for her trademark grunts
Male and female, e.g.
Former leaders of Iran
Musical pieces performed alone
George the millionaire who donates heavily to US Democrats
RBI, PPG, On base percentage, and WAR, e.g.
A principle held to be true
Pfizer's trademarked anxiety medication

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