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Can you name the 3-letter palindromes from clues?

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Ms. Lovelace, the computing and mathematical pioneerA
A baby's protectorB
A common hematology test or an Ottawa-based networkC
Ocular orbE
Very, very loud, in musicF
A prankG
An interjection of disbeliefH
Despotic leader AminI
Initials of a famous naval leader or Led Zeppelin memberJ
A popular IM appK
Electronic guffawingL
Diarist and author AnaïsN
Gold, in SpanishO
Vigor or brisk energyP
Abbreviation for a triple quadrupole mass spectrometerQ
Karel Čapek's famed sci-fi playR
A female bro?S
Vietnam offensive named for a holidayT
A Nigerian percussion potU
The 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabetV
To excite to enthusiastic approvalW
Losing Tic Tac Toe rowX
A cheering interjectionY
The sound of a snorerZ

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