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Can you name the phrases that begin with the letters 'P' and 'L' from clues?

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ClueP.L. Answer
John Milton's tale of Satan
Orclespay ulesray, for example
Pascal, C++, BASIC, Fortran, Perl, or Python, e.g.
This is the capital city of Mauritius
Guillermo del Toro fantasy film about the Spanish Civil War
In Euclidean geometry, these never intersect
Freedom to change some facts when writing
Part of the brain that controls the sensory system
An area where people leave their autos
A tanned cowhide with a hard glossy surface
When the father gets time off after a birth
Prosthetic had by Captain Ahab
ClueP.L. Answer
Graphite, for a writing implement
Beatles song on 'Magical Mystery Tour'
What makes the burners burn on a gas stove
Fuzz you find in with your keys or wallet
In the UK, this position has been held by Tennyson and Wordsworth
Afternoon meal with business honchos
Rule describing patterns of the properties on the table of elements
The PL in Arafat's PLO
A place where anyone can take out a book
What one might feel after an amputation
Affection felt by a kid or teenager
The roster of people flying on a plane

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