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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word TRIPLE?

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Bird who plays in Baltimore_ R I _ L E
A camera supporterT R I P _ _
A feverish viral disease, like the flu_ R I P _ E
Sings with a quaverT R I _ L _
The wife of Ed NortonT R I _ _ E
Surreal or psychedelicT R I P _ _
Place of worship for a MormonT _ _ P L E
Sad or mournfulT R I _ _ E
Knock overT _ _ P L E
A type of clefT R _ _ L E
An ornamental grating on a car_ R I _ L E
In a neat or compact mannerT R I _ L _
The father, son and holy ghostT R I _ _ E
Drink liquor to excessT _ _ P L E
Courtroom happeningsT R I _ L _
An old form of computer tubeT R I _ _ E
A sugar with three carbonsT R I _ _ E
Allocation of resources to patientsT R I _ _ E
A headgear with reins for a horse_ R I _ L E
Hinged armor plate near the thighT _ I _ L E

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