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Can you name the phrases that all begin with the letters L.R. from clues?

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ClueL.R. Answer
It's the capital of Arkansas
TV cowboy hero with Tonto as his sidekick
A green citrusy drink usually made with seltzer
An ideal rodent for an experiment
Where a team gets dressed before the game
Ethel Mertz's best friend on 50's TV
Franklin invention to protect buildings during an electrical storm
A mouth-watching person that's hearing impaired
Hubbard who created Scientology
It separates South Africa and Botswana before flowing into the Indian ocean
Most popular dog breed in the English-speaking world
1983 Video game where the player can dig into bricks while looking for gold
Former 'Nashville Star' host and 'How Do I Live' singer
Nelson Rockefeller or other Northeastern GOP members, once
Public mass transit with steel tracks
ClueL.R. Answer
Safety need for survivors if a boat sinks
Sci-Fi movie where a stone determines time of death
Singer of 'Walk on the Wild Side'
East coast crustacean on bread
The area around the lower spine
The star's big part in a movie
Song about a car close to the ground by War
UK automaker that was sold to Ford and then Tata Motors
What a priest gives on someone's deathbed
Able to go great distances, like a missile
Singer of 'You're No Good' and 'Blue Bayou'
Former Commodore who sang 'Hello' and 'Dancing on the Ceiling'
In the US for unions and companies, its what the LR is in the NLRB
Son who began working for NBC after his anchor father Tim passed away
It is the chemical that runs out first when doing chemistry

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