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Can you name the 5-letter words that start with L that become a new word when you remove the L?

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5-Letter L ClueAnswer4-Letter Clue
Actress Prepon or DernA glowing energy field around someone
A tag inside a shirt collarBrother of Seth and Cain
A narrow flat surface or shelfThe boundary between faces on a solid figure
At a very slow tempoThe mythological ship of Jason
Absorb knowledge from a teacherMake money working
At a comparatively increased depthOne with debts
A lacivious manCut the surface of glass with acid
A popular dance of the 1920's (often paired with 'hop')Dr. Henry Jones, Jr., for short
Disinclined or reluctantA solemn vow
A lifemate, sexuallyOpposite of under
A single hair pestA river in northeast England
A smooth twisted cotton threadMan or Wight, e.g.
A common animal in the AndesA Tibetan religious leader
Like a hen, in a henhouseYesterday, in Spanish
Having nice long gamsLike an omelet
Auxiliary proposition used in the demonstration of another Novel by Jane Austen
A town or Loch in ScotlandDivisible by two
One of the simple machines in physicsFor all time
The curve fitting method of ___ SquaresA compass direction
A type of pine treeA curved overhead structural member
A temporary deviation or small errorA section of a cathedral
Rod the great Aussie tennis playerDeclare positively
A blue precious stone: ___ lazuliAn Egyptian bull deity

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