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Can you name the words that start with LA and become new words if you remove the LA?

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LA-ClueWordShorter Clue
A pond near a larger body of waterA gangster's heavy
A semiprecious azure blue stoneπ π π π π π π π
A shade of purpleOne who sells things (var.)
A tag or a brandA unit for measuring sound
A thin plate or layerHarker of 'Dracula'
A woman who washes clothesTo take off clothes
An army toilet pitThreefold
Idling aroundA witty criticism
Inventor Lewis who worked for EdisonClock for tracking races
Language of ancient RomeSn, to a chemist
Making a table legA generic item
Mathematician known for his transformA location
Most recentAn exam
Permanent or durableFrodo's sword
Readily open to changeLiver fluid
Remove 'corruption' from moneyBeneath or below
Terse or concise in speakingLike the parabola or ellipse, as sections
Thief or robber, from the spanishA male bee
WomenPasses on
Working hard (US)Dull or tedious

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