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Can you name the words that become new words when you add the letters 'GO' to the front of them?

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GO + ClueWordsClue for GO-word
GO + Currently runningA hired enforcer
GO + 'Remote Control' Host KenA peanut
GO + Leer at sexuallyA search engine
GO + Garfield's dog palA treat
GO + A support for a broken armActor Ryan of 'The Notebook'
GO + A road, in LatinAn enlargement of the thyroid
GO + As one who likes both sexesAsian desert
GO + Morse code portionBeckett title character
GO + A commercialCoax
GO + 'Runaway' singer ShannonHe had an incompleteness theorem
GO + Operatic starLady who rode around naked
GO + Thin's oppositeMedieval style, to a Brit
GO + Stop colorInjured by a bull's horns
GO + NASA moon vehicleMythical stone creature
GO + Old form of note doPainful joint condition
GO + The sea, in FrenchPyle of the USMC
GO + Tennis' RafaelRelating to the sex organs
GO + HG or HP, as literatureSpanish painter Francisco
GO + Competed in a raceTennis player Ivanišević
GO + Ernest's friendTo lead a country

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