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QUIZ: Can you name the name the words that end in RED that become a new word when the RED is removed?

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*RED ClueAnswerRED-less Clue
BelovedMuch __ about Nothing
Batman's butlerGordon Shumway, to earthlings
Annoyed or pesteredWhat a Boy Scout earns
ForbiddenA tavern
Talked foolishly, on and onMerry or lighthearted
Put a pat on your pitaA steep-sided mountain
Provided the food forActress Blanchett
Ran a committee meetingA honeyed spiced tea
Replete with 4-leafed greensA part of a garlic bulb
Completely submergedAn inlet in a bay
An 'Unready' king of EnglandLucy Ricardo's neighbor
AntipathyBeret or Stetson, e.g.
Of a similar naturePolite and gentle
Made eyes atGeneral Robert E.
Debased oneselfActor Rob of 'The West Wing'
Like parking you pay forDole out
Pierce, of the moviesUnspicy, like salsa
Docked one's boatCow sound
Looked insideUrine, in slang
Put right in the middle again (UK)Of late
Belovedly holyAn anatomical pouch
Burned the outside ofRed or Black, e.g.
Removed wool from a sheepFomer Mets stadium
DrooledOne in unpaid servitude
Scowled atAn old knife
Went bad, as milkAn old French coin
Was frugalPlace to get a mud bath
Shaped like a candleAn adhesive strip
Treated for strength, like glassA city in Arizona
LayeredAscot, e.g.

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