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Name these words that have ANTs on them (at the start or the end) that become another word when the ANT is removed.

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Clue with ANTAnswerClue without ANT
Inflexible or unyieldingEve's garden-mate
A star in ScorpioGreek god of war
Obliquely or with disapprovalPose a question
Hoofed Afro-Eurasian animalRun away to marry
Prone to wanderingTo make a mistake
Water sugar mix for icingCherished with great affection
Courteous and attentiveRancor or bile
Large mythical creatureSoldier
A national songEdge of a dress
The pollen bearing part of the stamenThat woman
Clue with ANTAnswerClue without ANT
IntendedObjective form of I
SwimmingSinger King Cole
Chekhov who wrote 'Three Sisters'Powered up
Miss America, e.g.Part of a tome
Member of the labor classThey come in a pod
Agreeable or niceDefendants' answers to charges
Widespread or without restraintAn inclined entryway
Trigonometric functionDry, like a wine
One who rentsX, to Livy
Despotic leaderNorse god of law

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