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Can you name the word that are made ONLY from the 11 letters in 'H-U-N-G-E-R G-A-M-E-S'?

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Clue WordLength
A person from Berlin or Munich6
A wire one might be useful in a closet6
Raise your shoulders in uncertainty5
Compassionate toward animals or people6
A collection of wives for a sultan5
Thief who takes your wallet at gunpoint6
Actor Charlie of 'Two and a Half Men'5
US Civil War general William Tecumseh7
Everdeen, Abernathy, or Mellark, e.g.7
Make angry6
Musical with Travolta and Olivia Newton-John6
Style of Seattle music typified by Nirvana6
Where Jesus was born in Bethlehem6
Musical style of Bob Marley6
An assistant to a doctor 5
Clue WordLength
The go color on a stoplight5
A sweet white powder or grains5
A vehicle for driving around a coffin6
To guarantee6
Busch's partner in beer brewing8
Cow dung used as fertilizer6
To start again or a list of your job experience6
It precedes species in animal taxonomy5
Greek messenger of the Gods6
A grouping of a number of beats in music7
Quick, cheap Japanese noodles5
R&B singer of 'Yeah!' 'Burn,' and 'My Boo'5
Actress McCormick or Stapleton7
Uncle from 'Song of the South'5

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