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Can you name the country, Iran or Iraq, that fits each of these wordplay clues?

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Wordplay ClueIran or Iraq
It can be found inside the capital of Albania
Its first letter and last letter make a Walter Matthau movie
Changing its first letter to an 'O' makes it an Algerian port.
It sounds like a set of shelves where you keep hearing organs
Its last two letters are a legal Scrabble word.
Adding a space makes it a song by 'Flock of Seagulls'
It can be spelled out with chemical element symbols
Changing its first letter to a 'B' makes a new word
Inserting AT in the center and reversing it makes a person from another middle eastern country
It can be anagrammed to make precipitation
It contains a descending letter when written in lowercase.
It would be worth more in a Scrabble game
Its last letter and first letter make a two-letter Scrabble word
Its first letter and last letter make a two-letter Scrabble word
Its last two letters are an abbreviation for a solution of water.
It has a higher percentage of letters with internal spaces when in all capitals

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