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Can you name a pair of four-letter words that overlap in two letters to make a six-letter word?

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First 4-Letter Word
Dull persistent pain 
A splotch of ink 
Designer Chanel 
Old US Bill regarding spouses 
This one, in Spanish 
Public open spaces 
One of 162 for an MLB team 
Prefix before European languages 
DioGuardi of 'American Idol' 
Burrowing garden rodent 
Wine valley in California 
Remove the skin of a fruit 
Give up 
Tear apart into pieces 
Valley near L.A. 
Common Mexican dish staple 
A story 
Latin for 'I Came' 
A usually dry streambed 
Second 4-Letter Word
Greek cupbearer to the gods 
Bus driver on the Simpsons 
Ring-tailed animal, for short 
Famed London Gallery 
Extreme anger 
Give out in a measured way 
Home for a bird 
Major pineapple brand 
Give a score to 
Old British gun 
For fear that 
Surface of the hand 
Money for the landlord 
Irritating feeling on the skin 
Aloe ___ 
5280 feet 
State of unconsciousness 
Period preceding Easter 
City on the French Riveria 
Small damage to a car 
6-Letter Word
African author 
Ron Howard film 
Taxonomy level 
Find food 
Reproductive cell 
Organic molecule 
Self-defense method 
Quack grass 
Mexican Painter 
Figure of speech 
Washington city 
Italian City 
Moving through water 

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