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Can you name the words that start with GIN- or RUM- from clues?

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GIN- Words
Italian sex symbol Lolobrigida 
Weasley who married Harry Potter 
The movie star, from Gilligan's Island 
Very cautious or careful 
A plain cotton dyed fabric 
A common gum disease 
Newt who lead the US House 
A brain helping tree extract: ___ biloba 
Super duper huge 
Poet Allen who wrote 'Howl' 
Ruth Bader, on the US Supreme Court 
A chinese root often used in medicines 
A brand of Japanese knives 
A major shopping district in Tokyo 
RUM- Words
A mock-polynesian appetizer wrapped in bacon 
A cuban dance 
A low heavy rolling sound 
Count who was a pioneer in thermodynamics 
Famous Persian love poet 
Ponder or reflect upon 
Do a haphazard search 
Any of several card games usually involving melding 
Unverified talk about people 
Figure who could spin hay into gold 
BBC's '___ of the Bailey' 
Noisy commotion 
Donald who was US Secretary of Defense 

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