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Can you name the things (listed alphabetically) that end in the letters TINE?

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Clue*TINE Word
A person from Buenos Aires, e.g.
The radioactive halogen element
Saint and religious scholar who hailed from Hippo
The non-brandy ingredient in a B&B
Intricately involved or complicated; relating ancient Istanbul
Conducted under secrecy
A fruit midway between a tangerine and an orange
Famed Roman emperor or a Keanu Reeves movie
A protein found in muscles that's often used as a supplement for body builders
Cosette's mother in 'Les Misérables'
Like foods dressed or served with spinach
Deadly device used for beheading
A section of the digestive system
Actress Bateman of 'Family Ties'; Marquis de Sade novel
A small lobster for eating
One lacking morality
Active ingredient in tobacco
Clue*TINE Word
A popular brand of malted extract added to milk
One of the bones in the human skull
Country that's home to Ramallah
Emperor who is really Darth Sidious
A person devoid of intellectual appreciation; Goliath, e.g.
Determine the fate of beforehand
Pure, unpolluted, fresh and clean
A state of enforced isolation, often to prevent the spread of disease
A regular course or procedure
Another name for a soda cracker
Nicole Kidman's character in 'Moulin Rouge!'
Winding like a snake
Vatican chapel with a ceiling painted by Michelangelo
Author R.L. of Goosebumps
The prongy bit on a fork
A tree resin extract used for cleaning off paint
A card sent on February 14th

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