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Can you name these fake names of US towns, from a pair of clues?

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Clue for Fake US TownAnswerClue for Real Word
A town in Alabama named after Actress HathawayTo harden by heating
A town in Alaska named after what one does with an e-mail'Where the Wild Things Are' writer Maurice
A town in Arizona named after a spinning toyA gemstone
A town in Arkansas named after a humanoid playthingCurrency for Yanks
A town in California named after actress RooneyAn instrument made from a gourd
A town in Colorado named after a Roman underworld godA late-70's music genre
A town in Connecticut named after the Otello composerThe result of a jury trial
A town in Delaware named after a place to harbor boatsA pre-cooking sauce for meat
A town in Georgia named after downhill skiier MillerA usually hispanic-run grocery store
A town in Hawaii named after 'Runaway' singer ShannonCity in India
A town in Idaho named after a unit of pressureHot, steamy and passionate
A town in Illinois named after one who is beyond savingOne of King Lear's daughters
A town in Indiana named after a magic dragonA seabird with a colorful bill
A town in Iowa named after actor TamblynHome to Siberia
A town in Kansas named a piece used for holding riggingAuthor Nicholas of 'The Notebook'
A town in Kentucky named after a grown-up ugly ducklingPosh
A town in Louisiana named after a large ring of materialA big to-do
A town in Maine named after an archaic possessive pronounA spice at Scarborough Fair?
A town in Massachusetts named after a bound pile of paperLakshmi who hosts 'Top Chef'
A town in Michigan named after a term for goodbyeA type of mat found in Japanese homes
A town in Minnesota named after part of the footSerious or sublime
A town in Mississippi named after Cleopatra's loverHot/cold and on/off, for example
A town in Missouri named after a term for a less dark complexionA city on Sicily
A town in Nebraska named after a bathroom weighing devicesA triangle with no equal sides
A town in New York named after a Norse godLike a rose's stem
A town in North Dakota named after a punctuation markAn order from an officer
A town in Oklahoma named after the son of HomerHungarian composer Béla
A town in Oregon named after a bird's homeAn advisor to the Greeks in the Trojan War
A town in Pennsylvania named after a verb of shockFrank who is father to Moon Unit
A town in Rhode Island named after Scottish philosopher DavidFunny bones
A town in Utah named after Mad Men's DraperA circular treat with a hole
A town in Virginia named after the occupation of Doc or DopeyRoman goddess of wisdom
A town in Washington named after adipose tissueA decree from an Islamic religious leader
A town in Wyoming named after a trig functionTough, strong or stringy

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