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Can you name the 5-letter words clued like 'fake' adjectives by adding a Y to the end of another word?

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Fake Adjective ClueFake Adjective (+Y)Real Definition of the 5-Letter Word
Like the singer of 'Loser'Tom Sawyer's lover
Like the beak of a duckJoel who sings 'Uptown Girl'
Like the shape of ItalyThe spoils of a pirate
Like actor NicolasShrewd
Like an ice cream holderIsland of NY amusements
Like to chop into fine cubesRisky or unpredictable
Like a ball hit within the baselinesTinkerbell, e.g.
Like a military installationXL
Like your set of cardsConvenient or good with tools
Like an archaic form of 'have'Rash, speedy or eager
Like the covering of a corn earA Siberian dog
Like the tempo of a raceJoshua's role on 'Dawson's Creek'
Like Henry VIII's CatherineWard off an attack
Like a menial workerA flower
Like to sit for a photoActress Parker
Like to get someone's goatFormer NBA coach Pat
Like a reminder of an injuryTerrifying
Like a guy who thinks he's God's giftCram for a test
Like a former Berlin dividerThe Beav's older brother
Material from a treeCowboy in 'Toy Story'

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