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Can you answer these sets of four trivia questions and then figure out the themed student that goes in each set*?

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1. What sport is played with a ball and sticks on a field or a puck and sticks on ice?
1. What author named Aldous wrote “Brave New World”?
1. What annual English regatta shares its name with a type of shirt?
1. What word describes the hippos in a children’s marble game?
⇨ 1. Theme Student Name ⇦
2. What did Pandora find the second time she looked in the box after all the evils had escaped?
2. What is the name of Scrooge’s partner Jacob in his law firm?
2. What is the capital of Colorado?
2. What was the name of Monica Geller’s brother on Friends?
⇨ 2. Theme Student Name ⇦
3. What Eagles song begins with the line “On a dark desert highway…”?
3. What dessert is actually ice cream cooked inside a meringue shell?
3. What type of poker gives each player two cards and 5 community cards they share?
3. What movie character was played by Harrison Ford in 4 films (and by River Phoenix in a flashback)?
⇨ 3. Theme Student Name ⇦
4. What animal is described by the world vulpine?
4. What do you call the first day of spring or the first day of autumn?
4. What viral disease was eradicated with the last case occurring in 1977 after a huge vaccination worldwide starting in the 19th century?
4. What company has now become a non-trademarked term for a photocopy or to photocopy?
⇨ 4. Theme Student Name ⇦
5. What US state is home to the city of Nashville?
5. What is the medical term for a metal or plastic tube that is put into a vessel or duct to keep the passageway open?
5. In the number 123,456,709, what position is the zero in?
5. What do you call the lodging or home for a bird or a hornet?
⇨ 5. Theme Student Name ⇦
6. What 6-letter words is the name of a home for rabbits?
6. What type of bird can be found in the Toronto MLB team name or in the University of Kansas team name?
6. What surname was shared by the president John who selected his brother Bobby to be his Attorney General?
6. What was the first name of Lily’s husband on 'How I Met Your Mother?'
⇨ 6. Theme Student Name ⇦
7. What do you call a poker hand where all the cards are consecutive in their rank order?
7. What is the first number alphabetically under one billion?
7. What do you call the edible fruit of a palm tree?
7. What is the state of winning called in chess when the king has been put in check?
⇨ 7. Theme Student Name ⇦
8. What designation falls between family and species in animal taxonomy?
8. In physics, what is momentum divided by velocity?
8. What Greek philosopher was taught by Socrates and wrote “The Republic”?
8. What is a term for a hockey player who starts fights?
⇨ 8. Theme Student Name ⇦
9. What sugar is created by photosynthesis and is an essential part of metabolism in most animals?
9. What name for the devil literally means “light bearer”?
9. What is the term for a type of dinner or food-based gathering where each person brings a different dish?
9. What is the general name for drugs, such as LSD, that cause you to see things that aren’t really there?
⇨ 9. Theme Student Name ⇦
10. What do you call a precious object that is passed down in a family that is also a type of tomato?
10. In baseball, what is charged to a player who makes a mistake that is ruled by the scorer to have been avoidable?
10. What class of physical exercises (that often include calisthenics) are called so because they increase respiration and blood flow?
10. What weapon is made by a fletcher and has a constellation named after it called Sagitta?
⇨ 10. Theme Student Name ⇦
The students in this class (that fit the themes) are: Dylan, Erik, Garth, Hadley, Lenox, Lucas, Tate, Tentse, Thomas, Virginia Grace.

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