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Can you name the words that become new words when the letters Na are added to the front of the word, from a pair of clues?

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Na- ClueAnswerClue without Na
Old Testament bookSing without words
Covered in mother-of-pearlStreet rep
A simple unaffected personA conditional word
Witty poet Ogden'Be quiet!'
In the manner of Fran Drescher's speaking voiceActress Field
Giving a monicker toChinese dynasty
ArmadasCompetes for
Janet Jackson hit songPiggy home
Introducer of logarithmsA relative of a dock
Nobel Laureate in literature GordimerHave supper
Incendiary that smells good in the morning?Date bearing tree
Having recently come into existenceAroma
A person of great wealth or prominenceSaget of 'Full House'
Indian breadArticle in English
Common European military peacekeeper force sourceCommon preposition
US patriot HaleComparative word

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